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Tresorit helps you store and share files and documents securely in the cloud. End-to-end encrypted, easy access anytime, anywhere.

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  • Security


    • True end-to-end encryption
    • Zero-knowledge standard
    • Ultra-secure infrastructure
  • Swiss Privacy

    Swiss Privacy

    • Swiss privacy provides stronger protection than US or EU laws
  • Compliance


    • 10+ data residency options to choose from
    • GDPR ready
    • ISO 27001 certified
    • HIPAA compliant
  • Productivity


    • Easy-to-use interface
    • High ratings and excellent reviews
    • Available in multiple languages

Secure your team’s workflow in the cloud

External and internal file exchange

  • Share files securely inside and outside your company

    Share end-to-end encrypted files up to 5GB in size. Add passwords, expiry dates, open limits, and email verification for additional security.

  • Receive and collect files securely

    Use File requests to collect files from anyone, even if they don’t have a Tresorit account themselves, in the same end-to-end encrypted environment you send them out in.

  • Replace risky email attachments

    Replace risky email attachments and send files up to 5 GB with end-to-end encrypted share links directly from your Outlook app.

  • Revoke links if something goes wrong

    If you accidentally send something to the wrong recipient or there is a security breach, revoke shared links immediately with a click. The download page will become inaccessible to everyone right away.

  • Track who access your files, from where, and when

    Access Logs enable you to track shared files and see the open date, email address, IP address, and platform that was used to open the links you shared.

Streamlined teamwork and collaboration

  • Protect your cloud storage with end-to-end encryption

    Never leave your documents without protection in the cloud – Tresorit encrypts and decrypts files and their relevant metadata on the client-side.

  • Manage user accesses and activities from one place

    Enjoy a single interface to overview the account and manage users. Onboard and offboard users, determine their roles, set up policies, and review user activities easily and quickly.

  • Make the transition simple

    Integrate Tresorit to your local file manager to upload and access files without storing them on your computer.

  • Avoid editing conflicts

    Avoid conflicts by adding an editing badge to documents so your colleagues know that you’re currently working on them.

  • Track and restore changes to files

    With version history, Tresorit tracks all file changes so you can restore previous versions to correct mistakes or revert changes if necessary.

Productivity on the go

  • The most up-to-date version of your files at your fingertips

    Keep your files in sync between your local computer and the cloud. Files in a synced folder are automatically updated in Tresorit for you and other collaborators.

  • Access documents across your devices

    Connect multiple devices to your Tresorit account to enable syncing files and folders between them. This way files can be accessed from anywhere.

  • Keep working offline

    Whenever you want to save mobile data or when you have no internet available, you can still access the synced files on your device.

  • Scan documents safely

    Use your phone’s camera to scan important documents directly to the cloud. Tresorit encrypts and uploads your files, without saving copies on your device.

  • Remote wipe lost or stolen devices

    Users can perform a remote wipe on their linked devices. This action removes all synced files, which serves as great damage-control when a device is lost or stolen.

More features to keep your business safe

End-to-end encryption
End-to-end encryption
Zero-knowledge protocol
Zero-knowledge protocol
Multi-platform support
Multi-platform support
Browser access
Browser access
Editing badge for collaboration
Editing badge for collaboration
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Custom branding
Custom branding
2 step verification
2 step verification
Custom policies
Custom policies
File request
File request
IP filtering
IP filtering
Active directory integration
Active directory integration
Data residency options
Data residency options
Priority support
Priority support
Admin center dashboard
Admin center dashboard
Compliance (ISO, GDPR, HIPAA)
Compliance (ISO, GDPR, HIPAA)

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