Stay in control when collaborating with your partners

Tresorit’s encrypted technology boosts file-sharing security when it comes to entrusting external teams with sensitive information.

Secure external collaboration

Trusted by 10,000+ organizations worldwide

  • KPMG
  • SAP
  • Allianz
  • Viessmann
  • Telekom
  • Pfizer
  • Roche
  • Security


    • True end-to-end encryption
    • Ultra-secure infrastructure
    • Protected by Swiss laws
  • Compliance


    • 10+ data residency options to choose from
    • GDPR ready
    • ISO 27001 certified
    • HIPAA compliant
  • Ease of Use

    Ease of Use

    • Easy-to-use interface
    • High ratings and excellent reviews
    • Available in multiple languages
  • A collaborative shared space for your partners and vendors

    With Tresorit, you never have to worry about the security of your confidential content - even if you’re sharing it with partners outside of your company.

  • Control and manage encrypted file sharing

    Stay in control of your organization’s file sharing. Manage what happens to your confidential content, even when it’s shared with external partners.

  • Virtual data rooms that you can set up easily

    Use Tresorit’s secure business collaboration software as a virtual data room where your external partners can access highly sensitive content safely.

Security features to control file sharing outside your organization

  • Share files and folders through secure links with ease

    Create shared links to your files and folders in seconds.

    Share files securely inside and outside your company
  • Transfer files up to 20GB to your external partners

    Make encrypted file sharing smooth and secure with Tresorit

    Receive and collect files securely
  • Control who can access your content

    Set a password to protect the files and folders you share

    Replace risky email attachments
  • Keep maximum control over shared files

    Set an expiration date, and limit or disable downloads

    Revoke links if something goes wrong
  • Know who accessed your shared content

    Require an email address from link recipients before viewing files

    Track who access your files, from where, and when
  • Request files from clients without a Tresorit account

    Send a file request link to external partners and receive files securely

    Track who access your files, from where, and when
  • Replace risky email attachments

    Tresorit’s Outlook integration helps you secure your email communication

    Track who access your files, from where, and when
  • Customize the look and feel of your shared links

    Add your own logo and colors to link download pages

    Track who access your files, from where, and when

Internal content collaboration platform

  • Collaborate inside and outside your company with secure remote work tools
  • Restore previous file versions or deleted files – anytime you want
  • Control access to every folder with granular user permissions
  • Avoid conflict files when you mark the files you’re working on as editing
  • Simplify internal file access with Tresorit Path

Powerful admin features

  • Unlimited logging and tracking of team activity
  • Central administration and device management
  • Detailed reporting on how your team works in Tresorit
  • Set detailed security policies for increased admin control
  • Connect your Active Directory to Tresorit
  • Simplify signing in with Single Sign-On
  • Splunk integration beta

Why do our customers use Tresorit’s business collaboration software?

The automatic, end-to-end encryption is the best thing about Tresorit by far. The company has also been very proactive in listening to our feedback and the product is constantly developing and adjusting to the market needs. For us, it was the perfect fit.

Ian Wheeler - IT Manager, 4 New Square

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4 New Square

Tresorit lets us share documents with people outside of our Tresorit user group and the organization through secure share links. Creating share links are much easier for us than using a separate system for sending secure emails.

Seth Breeden - COO of ACPN

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Clients were frustrated with encrypted email, and often sent sensitive documents in plain email. Sharing with Tresorit is easy. People appreciate that we handle their documents securely. It sets us apart from our competitors.

Guy Applebee - Partner, Alpha Independent Mortgages

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Alpha Independent Mortgages

When we onboard new clients, we ask them to send us their information via Tresorit. So, the first is secure data transfer.

Thierry Dang - IT Manager at PayFit

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What you want as a CEO is driving projects across countries with confidential data is to have it easy. Security and safety is something that all of us want to have but no one wants to feel. This played a very important role when we decided to switch to Tresorit.

Montserrat Corominas - CEO, Intergroup Partners AG

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Intergroup Partners AG

Tresorit truly is as safe as it gets, but is actually really easy to use. It's also very quick and flexible. You can sync whole folders to your computer, or use it as a cloud.

Leif Hinrichsen - CFO, Jiyan Foundation

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Jiyan Foundation

Compared to other services like Dropbox, Tresorit’s solution is much safer, compared to manual encryption, it’s less hassle, and compared to other online services, it offers a much better overall package.

Dr. Tobias Zimmermann - Research fellow, The Cardiovascular Research Institute Basel

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Cardiovascular Research Institute Basel

After one of the partners' Dropbox accounts was compromised, switching to Tresorit couldn't have been simpler for us. Their customer service is some of the best I've ever experienced.

Robert Frodsham - Little Venice Partners

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Little Venice Partners

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