Secure & private content collaboration, by design

Store, sync, and share your most sensitive documents with peace of mind - Tresorit provides the highest level of data security in the cloud.

Security & Privacy

Security & Privacy

Leave no room for error – safeguard your files in every scenario. Learn more

  • End-to-end encryption

    Never leave your documents without protection in the cloud – Tresorit encrypts and decrypts files and their relevant metadata on the client-side. Learn more

  • Zero-knowledge system

    Keep everything between you and your recipient. Tresorit never transmits or stores files, encryption keys, and user passwords in an unencrypted or unhashed form. Learn more

  • Redundant storage

    Data kept in Tresorit is mirrored to multiple storage nodes in a datacenter. This mitigates the risk of data loss and ensures high availability at the same time.

  • 24/7 monitoring and physical security

    Tresorit uses Microsoft Azure data centers in Ireland and the Netherlands. They are heavily guarded and constructed to protect against environmental threats.

  • Remote wipe

    Users can perform a remote wipe on their linked devices. This action removes all synced files, serving as a great damage-control when a device is lost or stolen. Learn more

  • Local wipe

    Automatically delete all synced folders from the device when you sign out from Tresorit. This way, you can make sure all documents remain in the cloud. Learn more

  • Continuous patching

    Tresorit applies patches of third-party system components continuously, and updates server and client software regularly to provide the latest versions.

Document Access & Management

Document Access & Management

Create secure collaboration hubs where your team can easily work together no matter where they are. Learn more

  • Multiple devices

    Connect multiple devices to your Tresorit account to enable syncing files and folders between them. This way files can be accessed from anywhere. Learn more

  • Storage space/user

    Keep all your work in the cloud: all Tresorit plans come with huge storage. Depending on the selected plan, each user gets from 200 GB up to 1 TB.

  • Tresorit Drive

    Integrate Tresorit to your local file manager to upload and access files without storing them on your computer. Learn more

  • Version history

    With version history, Tresorit tracks all file changes and it can restore previous versions to correct mistakes or revert changes. Learn more

  • Sync

    Keep your files in sync between your local computer and the cloud. Files in a synced folder are automatically updated in Tresorit for you and other collaborators.

  • Selective sync

    You can also select which files and subfolders you want to sync to your computer and prevent unused documents from cluttering your hard drive. Learn more

  • Multi-platform support

    Access your cloud documents from your phone or tablet without compromising security. Tresort provides the same level of security on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android. Learn more

  • Command Line Interface (CLI) for Linux

    Perform bulk actions and automate reports with simple commands on a headless Linux machine. CLI is supported by detailed documentation for all available tasks. Learn more

  • Browser access

    Access, preview, download or share documents stored in Tresorit from any browser in an secure end-to-end encrypted zero-knowledge environment.

  • Restore

    Restore deleted files with just a click of a button when you accidentally delete a file or folder or when you need to deal with a ransomware attack. Learn more

Mobile Access

Mobile Access

Take documents wherever you go and access them even when you’re offline. Learn more

  • Native mobile apps

    Access, preview, download or share documents wherever you go from your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows mobile device. Learn more

  • Auto camera upload

    Encrypt and upload your mobile phone’s camera photos automatically with the Tresorit application and store or share them.

  • Offline access

    Whenever you want to save mobile data or when you have no internet available, you can still access the synced files on your device.

  • Document Scanner

    Use your phone’s camera to scan important documents directly to the cloud. Tresorit encrypts and uploads your files, without saving copies on your device. Learn more

  • Remote wipe mobile device

    Remotely delete all synced files and the Tresorit app in case of lost or theft. In this case you can eliminate all confidential documents from any device.

File Sharing & Collaboration

File Sharing & Collaboration

Secure file sharing with anyone inside and outside your organization. Learn more

  • Advanced link tracking new

    Advanced link tracking lets Enterprise users check how link visitors engage with their content, granting them greater control over their documents' lifecycle. Detailed insights then show the number of times a file was viewed, downloaded or saved to a Tresorit account.

  • Allowed viewers new

    With this feature, you can keep important information within a circle of specific email addresses and domains. In the event that public links are shared outside of this circle, this helps you make internal and external collaboration secure by removing the risk of unauthorized access to your digital valuables. Learn more

  • File request

    A secure, private and hassle-free means of communication for external parties to provide sensitive files to Tresorit Solo, Business and Enterprise users. Learn more

  • Shared link

    Share files up to 5GB with an end-to-end encrypted method. Further improve security with password, expiry date, open limit and email verification. Learn more

  • Revoke link

    Revoke shared links immediately in case of wrong recipient or any other reason. It makes the file download page unavailable for everyone. Learn more

  • Tresor permission

    Users can invite new members to collaborate by adding them to a tresor. You can set up permissions for each member, like owner, manager, editor and viewer.

  • Access logs

    Enable Access Logs to track shared files and see the open date the email, IP address and platform used to open the links you shared. Learn more

  • Custom branding

    Custom branding allows you to add your company's logo and brand color to Shared Links Download pages to match the look and feel with your brand's visuals. Learn more

  • Recents

    List and follow your own and other collaborators’ activities in the tresors you have access to, such as editing, creating, deleting and more.

  • Links tab

    Oversee and manage all Shared links you created. Reuse links, review activities such as opens and failed opens or revoke access if needed.

  • Outlook integration

    Replace risky email attachments and send files up to 5 GB with end-to-end encrypted secure links directly from your Outlook app. Learn more

  • Tresorit path

    Eliminate version trees and collaborate on the same document with other team members in a secure, zero-knowledge environment. Learn more

  • Editing badge

    Avoid conflicts by adding an editing badge to documents so your colleagues know you’re currently working on them. Learn more

Admin Control

Admin Control

Secure your organization's data by setting up user policies, tracking activities, and managing users and devices. Get started

  • Admin Center Dashboard business

    The dashboard gives an overview of what’s happening in the company’s account. Export activity data and oversee the most important statistics.

  • User management business

    One single interface to overview the account and manage users. Onboard and offboard users, setup policies and review user activities easily.

  • Command Line Interface for Linux (CLI)

    Perform bulk actions and automate reports with commands on a headless Linux machine. CLI is supported by documentation for all available tasks. Learn more

  • Detailed reporting business

    Get a trustworthy overview on the organization’s Tresorit account and export operational data as a .csv file from the Admin Center for further analysis.

  • Link activity report enterprise

    In link activity report, admins can oversee all shared links within the organization. The report includes info on who accessed the shared content, and from where and when it was accessed.

  • Device policies business

    Set up limitations for selected user groups and define which operating systems or mobile platforms they can use to access Tresorit.

  • IP filtering business

    Increase security by limiting the IP addresses from where selected user groups can login to Tresorit. This way access can be limited to one place only.

  • Storage and sharing policies business

    Set up user group policies and prohibit or limit sharing rights. Features forced like password protection or expiration date and open limit can be maximized.

  • Password recovery by admins business

    Thanks to zero-knowledge, Tresorit cannot see user passwords, but admins can recover them and they can even revoke access from devices.

  • Policy templates business

    Set up policies for different user groups, such as mandatory 2-step verification, IP filtering, device and feature limitations, sharing policies, and more. Learn more

  • Remote wipe

    Users can perform a remote wipe on their own devices to minimize damage in case of loss or theft. This will remove all files synced on the selected device.

  • Active Directory integration business

    Speed up admin tasks and synchronize users, tresors and tresor memberships from your own Microsoft Active Directory service.

  • 2-step verification business

    Make two-step verification mandatory for selected user groups and secure their devices with fingerprint, passcode or email verification.

Ready to take your company’s security to the next level?

tresorit app


Make document storing and sharing compliant with the relevant regulations. Get started

  • ISO 27001 Certified

    Tresorit’s security compliance was audited by an independent TÜV Rheinland member and recognized with the ISO 27001 information security standard.

  • GDPR Compliance

    Implement data protection measures while collaborating on files: control who has access to data, log file activities and set up internal security policies. Learn more

  • HIPAA Compliance business

    Keep sensitive and patient data safe with the HIPAA compliant Tresorit. End-to-end encrypt data storage and file sharing with clients. Learn more

  • Data Residency Options new

    Select the data centers where you want to keep data and satisfy company policy or industry and jurisdiction-specific regulations. Learn more



Get even more from Tresorit by connecting it with other apps. Get started

  • Outlook plugin

    Replace risky email attachments and generate end-to-end encrypted secure links for files up to 5 GB directly from your Outlook app.

  • Active Directory business

    Active Directory integration is an administrative tool, which lets you synchronize users, Tresors and Tresor memberships from your own directory service.

  • Admin center API business

    Execute and speed up admin related tasks like adding or removing users and assigning memberships through an API.

  • Single Sign-On business

    The SSO integration with Azure AD and Okta allows one-step sign-in to Tresorit for your employees and a streamlined administration for your admins.



Enhance your Tresorit experience with our support and deployment services. Get started

  • Live chat support

    Contact Tresorit support via live chat between Monday and Friday 9 AM-12 AM and on Saturday, Sunday 9 AM-6 PM CET.

  • Email support

    Tresorit users can turn to our support team for help any time via email and receive answers 6 days a week from Monday to Friday and on Sunday.

  • Priority email support business

    Business and Enterprise users enjoy the special attention of our support team and receive answers faster via email.

  • Scheduled phone support business

    Schedule a call with a support team member and get answers to Tresorit related questions in a shared screen session.

  • Phone support enterprise

    As an enterprise user, you can get immediate help via phone support from Monday to Friday between 9AM-6PM CET.

  • Onboarding and training enterprise

    Get your team up to speed with your new Tresorit account with personalized onboarding and staff training.

  • Custom deployment enterprise

    Customize the Tresorit offer according to your company’s needs and change the size of the storage/user, select servers and more.