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Secure storage space in the cloud by Tresorit Basic

Secure your files in the cloud

Benefit from true end-to-end encryption which safeguards your files. Thanks to our Zero-Knowledge technology, no one, not even Tresorit, can look into your content.

Secure Access from anywhere by Tresorit Basic

Access anywhere anytime

It’s safe to work with your cloud files no matter where you are. Tresorit is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and from any browser.

Share files easily with Tresorit Basic

Share files with anyone

Share large files or folders with ease using secure links. Make your files even more secure with passwords, tracking, and custom settings.

Need more horsepower?

Supercharge your security with Tresorit Premium or Solo.

End-to-End Encryption
Number of devices
Cloud storage
3 GB
500 GB
2500 GB
End-to-End Encrypted file sharing
50 links / month
250 MB / link
50 links / month
2 GB / link
Unlimited links / month
5 GB / link
File version history
Up to 90 days
Email verification for shared links
Track file opens with the access logs

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Why people love Tresorit

Reason 1

Security at its best! We use Tresorit to collaborate on files internally and share files externally. One of the best things is the end-to-end encrypted file sharing with extra security options like password or tracking.

Barry S, 2019

G2 Crowd’s testimonial about Tresorit

Reason 2

A high-quality file storage service that places your privacy and security first! I love how Tresorit makes syncing and storing my files not only simple and easy to use, but primarily because I know that my files are safe since it uses end-to-end encryption as well as zero-knowledge security.

Andras K, 2019

Capterra's testimonial about Tresorit

Reason 3

In my group we used Dropbox, Box, and few more but none is even comparable to Tresorit. I used enterprise versions of all the competitors, and I can guarantee that they are miles away from the reliability Tresorit provides. I love the total control and accessibility to each file or folder.

Masimo F, 2019

Capterra's testimonial about Tresorit

Reason 4

Very Secure and Easy to Use... Even Grandma can do it! Easy data security and quick adoption from users.

John T, 2018

Capterra's testimonial about Tresorit

Reason 5

Tresorit is a very secure, powerful and fast cloud storage service that easily ranks among the best in the industry! It is one of the most secure and private cloud storage solutions thanks to its zero-knowledge encryption and approach to syncing files and folders. On top of that, it has many other security features.

Garry M, 2019

Cloudwards' testimonial about Tresorit

Reason 6

Ease of use, being secure anywhere any time! Tresorit allows me to keep key documents secure and accessible online, on all my devices without losing time in synchronization or wonder if all are up to date.

Kate D, 2017

G2 Crowd’s testimonial about Tresorit
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